Money on dating

Samantha: When we first dated, in Toledo, it was cheaper. We would go on dates a lot, and he would pay. But now that we’ve moved to L.A., and it’s kind of pricey, and we’re budgeting, it’s just easier if we do everything 50-50. I think that started with the first meal, seriously. But my reaction was like—I understood it.

Branden: She understands that I have a lot more bills, and that I’m investing in something that is risky as hell. The band is called Bonavega. I never want to turn down a music opportunity. It’s like I need to put all of my eggs in that basket right now, because in another five years it’s going to be a lot, lot harder. I’ve got this span of time where I just have to f—ing laser focus. I’m in the right spot, where if you hit the jackpot, you can really, really go far.

Samantha: He has a new video coming out that’s super high-quality, and it’s going to blow the other ones away.

Branden: She’s overly honest. Imagewise, I almost always take her advice, because she knows what she’s talking about. She’s supportive, and I like letting her take the reins in some things, because I’m in a relationship with her and I need her support. So I totally let her run with ideas. She actually lent me money at first.

Samantha: I definitely feel like I’m invested in Bonavega in some way. I would feel—I would want to kill him if he made it big and then we didn’t date anymore, because I basically am the mastermind behind it all. So it would be an issue.